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Domain Name Appraisals are a very important part of the domain name industry today. Having a professional third-party place a valuation on your Internet property is a necessity when buying, selling or choosing to build on your piece of virtual real estate.


Today's Virtual Real Estate.

JustRightDomains suggests that a Domain Name is the "Physical" address or "Location" of the "Virtual" world. The Web Page and Web site represent the "Brick and Mortar" and architecture of the "Virtual" world. In the "Real" world, everything has a tangible value. It would be unthinkable to sell your house, your car, or any "Real " property without first knowing the market value or worth of the items being sold.

In a majority of cases, most items of real value are appraised by an objective, experienced and ethical third party. A professional third party would typically apply their experience and training along with tested and proven models to determine "Fair Market Value". 

A Real Life approach.

In Real Estate, a multi-faceted approach to evaluation is the standard and has proven fair to both buyer and seller when properly applied. In the "virtual" world, things are a little different in that a combination of the "Real" approach and the application of concepts that involve a creative conceptualism must be used. 

Some of the concepts that may be used in the evaluation of a given property, product or service are at large demand, replacement cost, market conditions, comparable sales, applied mathematical and formulaic summary, development potential, income potential and cash flow among many. An appraisal of "Virtual Real Estate" (Domain Names) requires an intuitive application of all of the abovementioned models and practices. Additional factors such as marketability, length of name, dot value, and brand recognition are also considered to reasonably determine a "Fair Market Value".

Now, that being said.....the only real test of the value of anything is what a ready, willing and able buyer will actually pay for the item being sold. As in "Real Estate", a listing price is established by appraisal and from there the true value is certainly market driven and will be determined in finality only by the sales price.

JustRightDomains strives to apply proven methods, market experience, education, algorithmic formulas, electronic research and objective analysis to determine a listing price for today's "Virtual Real Estate".

Over a Decade of experience.

Staff Members and the Lead Appraiser of JustRightDomains are State Licensed Real Estate Professionals. The Lead Appraiser is a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Brokerage owner since 1989. Over ten years of residential practice and five years of commercial business and Real Estate evaluation has provided an objective and ethical hands-on real life wealth of experience. 

The day to day experience also includes Marketing, Finance, Escrow, Public Relations, Sales and Leasing of Real Property. As a State Licensed Agent, the law mandates the legal and fiduciary responsibility of the Broker to act in an experienced, legal and ethical manner in all Real Estate services with the public at large. This decade of experience and certified education enables the staff at JustRightDomains to apply the tried and true methods and practices of this Real Property Industry to the Virtual Real Estate of the Internet. 

Objective and unbiased.

JustRightDomains does not have an interest in the final valuation other than providing an appraisal based on currently available resources, experience and knowledge. 

This is not a "feel good service", we are not here to blow sunshine up your skirt to get your business. This service provides information that may be used by the customer in conjunction with his or her own research to market or further develop Domain Names and Internet based businesses.

The new economy. 

JustRightDomains has been buying and selling domain names, collaborating site development, marketing and web designing for several years. JustRightDomains' Parent Companies and Associates have developed and currently operate several online Internet enterprises. 

Featured Services.

JustRightDomains provides appraisal services for $15.00 per domain name. Bulk Discount Services available. Due to time and staffing constraints the appraisal process typically takes 72 hours or less. You will receive a report that includes the appraised value and suggested list price and for what ever it's worth...a hand full of ideas on its development and market impact. 

I accept payment through PayPal!    Purchases of appraisals and other services is secure and simple through PayPal online checking services. 

Click here for appraisals, send an email with your request including the Domain Name(s) and a short note, please spell the item(s) properly. JustRightDomains cannot be responsible for misspellings and will appraise the name sent .

JustRightDomains also provides web & graphic design, hosting, registration, sales and marketing services.

JustRightDomains will consider partner programs and joint ventures for development of new Netbusinesses.

Independently Appraised Domains and Developed Domains Sell Better !


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Valuation Model Information

Please Note: This evaluation criteria and content is the property of JUSTRIGHTDOMAINS and any unauthorized republication or personal or commercial use of this information is expressly prohibited. 
The JUSTRIGHTDOMAINS Domain Valuation Model ("Valuation Model") utilizes a mathematical formula based on multiple factors, each of which contains unique components. The Valuation Model is intellectual property belonging to JUSTRIGHTDOMAINS. Publication or commercial use of the information is strictly prohibited. These guidelines help to estimate the monetary value of a domain name. The Valuation Model was developed from  years of extensive research, mathematical algorithms and statistics, comparisons to actual selling prices, surveys, and client input. This is an outline of the Valuation Model and therefore is protected under intellectual property right law. For a more precise estimation, visit our domain name appraisal service.

Evaluation Methodology and Content are the Sole Property of Just Right Domains.

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